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About Us

Kings was forged in the fires of international sport by three England rugby playing brothers with a desire to create the planet’s greatest meat snack offering.

The vision to offer consumers a tender, high protein, low calorie snack without compromising taste. As well as being the market leader, Kings is also the fastest growing brand bringing new health-conscious consumers to the meat snack category. Kings are pioneering high quality ambient meat snacking across the UK and offers beef, wagyu, vegan & bacon snack options.

Made in York, Kings is the fastest growing UK brand and was forged by elite sports & international rugby players, including the Simpson-Daniel brothers. True to its heritage, Kings has a three-year sponsorship deal with England Rugby as their official meat & protein snack supplier.
  • Mouth-watering cuts that are marinated and slow dried to create the planet’s most tender cuts.

  • Sourcing the planet’s best quality beef to produce the best flavours and ultimately the best quality snacks.

  • Life is too short for bad snacks - Enjoy the finest snacks whenever, wherever!